Peacock Honey is the bee’s knees!

Sweet, sticky and positively dripping with golden goodness, there’s a reason why locally made Peacock Honey is a favourite of The Davery Establishment.

Owner David Phillips says he buys in Peacock Honey for two reasons – he likes to support local producers, and it’s “bloody good”!

“It’s such a versatile, amazing product,” he says. “You can’t beat it just drizzled slowly over freshly toasted sourdough. We use it in so many meals, like our honey butter, salad dressings and feature dishes.”

In honour of I Choose SA Day last year, Peacock Honey was one of the local champions in a specially designed dish – Sour Hotcakes with Kanmantoo Bacon and Peacock Honey salsa verde (which David says “flew out of the kitchen at lightning speed”).

Of course you can’t miss the giant bloke with a beard regularly walking into The Davery Establishment with an enormous grin, bearing his pots of honey – this is chief beekeeper, and Peacock Honey owner – Simon Peacock.

“The Davery is my sort of place, and I do love coffee,” Simon says with a smile. “Best of all David supports local businesses and his café is a big champion of local products.”

Simon, the Mypolonga bee-master, has recently quit his day job to look after his 70 hives and grow his business to a full-time enterprise.

And his secret to making good honey?

Happy bees!

Simon believes a happy colony is a productive colony and he spends hours on the road each week moving his hives to the best pollen sources, whether that be Keith, the Adelaide Hills or the Mallee region.

Simon admits the bees can get a touch salty during the collection process, so even with the head-to-toe beekeeper suit and smoker at his side, his ankles and wrists often sport a few fresh love bites.

Come in and sample Peacock Honey at The Davery today, or grab a tub from the front counter to take home so you never run out of the sweet stuff again.

Join us for a taste soon!

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  1. Cassie Muhlhan says:

    Wooo Hoo I truly love Peacock Honey!!!!
    Shame i now live in Melbourne……… Visit you guys soon when im in town

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