The Drivery is baaaaaaack!

Imagine this … your favourite foods, delivered to your office, quick swipe on Paywave and instant happiness. Yes, you guessed it, The Drivery is back! [*Insert collective cheer from the Murray Bridge business community*].

That’s right. We know life is getting so damn busy, that some days, it’s impossible to get out of the office for a break. BUT – we can’t have you guys eating cups of powdered chicken noodle soup at your desk everyday (although the odd cup-a-soup can go down a real treat); or worse, having to start your Monday with (and it hurts me to write it) instant coffee because you didn’t have time to grab a fresh one before your team meeting. No, no, no and no.

At The Davery, we’re big on helping people out. So we’re bringing back our friendly food and coffee delivery service. Just to be clear – we’re probably not going to drive out to Pallamana for a Panini, or to Kinchina for a coffee. However, we will offer our Drivery food and drink delivery service back to businesses within the township of Murray Bridge. So for all of those teams who want to call in an order of 4+ coffees during the 10am slump, or 3+ slurpy soups for a rainy day lunch … we’re here for you.

We will be charging a $2 delivery fee this time around, so it’s worth bundling a few office orders in together when you can. We’ve also put together a simple takeaway menu (you can see this in store, or look for the ‘(T/A)’ symbol on our online menu). These are some of our simplest, best, fresh and fast meals to whip out to you all. But, if you so desperately want the gourmet burger we’re offering that week, or your favourite fresh focaccia, then just give us a call and ask the team at the front counter. Providing we’re not too busy, and you don’t need it in a hurry – we can more than likely whip it up and drive it over to you.

We’re also pretty tech savvy these days, and will bring along our little swipey-swiper. So if you can please pay by card – this is preferred (and saves us carrying bag-loads of coins around the place).

The Drivery will be BACK from today – Monday, 7 May 2018 – and will operate form 9am – 3pm weekdays. So, punch these numbers into your phone:

Ph: (08) 8532 4839

SMS: 0498 816 045

Or simply navigate back to our home page, and hit the ‘SMS’ or ‘phone’ button to get your order in.

(And remember – if you SMS, don’t forget to add your address … it catches someone everytime!)

We can’t wait to hear from you all … see you in the cafe (or the car) soon.