We got the intel

During September (2017) we ran an online survey to gather feedback from our customers on all sorts of Davery bits and bobs. Essentially, we really wanted to find out how people were finding The Davery experience, and what we could improve on. We pride ourselves on continuous improvement here at The Davs, and of course we need to hear from YOU, our loyal consumers to know exactly what we’re missing.

We’ve compiled the results, and have received some resounding LOVE for the Davery, with 99% of you telling us that you’d recommend us to your friends; most people thinking of us as a “home away from home”, the vast majority loving the food and coffee, and of course a few requests for some extras. So we’ve listened, and already (in just a few weeks), we’ve started to get a few changes in place, like:

  • an extra coffee machine running during peak hours to ensure HOT and fresh coffee with less of a wait;
  • opening up our SMS line for pre-orders;
  • the menu on our website so people can check out what’s on offer;
  • installing a baby change table in the loos for the young families (and grandparents);
  • an improved electronic rewards system; and
  • even more vegan, vegetarian and raw foods on offer.

We’ve got a few other tricks up our sleeve yet as well, so stay tuned.